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BJJ Conditioning

A lot of people will say that the only way to get better at Jiu Jitsu is by doing more Jiu Jitsu, and they're right!

However, if you want to incorporate additional training in the gym, here are a few workouts that I do at home that you can add to your training regime:

  1. Pushups Using a weighted vest, I do different variations of pushups including regular, diamond, wide, and military.

2. Pull-Ups Holding an opponent down in guard and slapping on an X-Choke is brought to me by pull-ups. Wide pull-ups have increased my grip strength in BJJ. If you are just starting out with pull-ups I highly recommend starting with negatives for a few months. Trust me, it makes life easier.

3. Deadlifts

One way to become explosive in BJJ is to start incorporating deadlifts in your workout routine. Don't get too comfortable though so make sure you add heavier weights as time goes on.

4. Squats Oh yes, the dreaded squat. I started off by doing squats with the kettlebell, then switched to dumbells and now finally I'm using the barbell. Barbell squats will not only give you shape, your core strength from holding the bar on your shoulders will improve significantly. Since your core is engaged in BJJ, especially if you are a guard player, barbell squats are a great way to improve your core.

5. Battle Ropes One of my absolute favourite exercises is using the battle ropes. This is an explosive body workout that will help you increase resistance while burning fat and developing your core and cardio. You can either do singles or doubles, add burpees, squats, alternate kneeling on your knee, there are so many variations so get creative and keep it fun!

6. Burpees

No pic needed to illustrate burpees! Burpees are a full body calisthenic that helps you burn fat, be explosive, and improve your cardio; everything you need to enhance your BJJ training as you move up in rank. If you're new to burpees, start off slow and increase your reps over time. To make it more challenging, you can add pushups to your burpee before jumping back up.



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