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Is YOUR Martial Artist Journaling?

When I was nine years old, I gathered all the coins in my house and bought myself my very first diary through the Scholastic book order. My mom wouldn't get it for me so I had to take matters into my own hands! It was sparkly and came with a lock and key. Whenever I was feeling intense emotions like happiness, sadness, or even anger, I would take my diary out and would start writing pages and pages of what I was feeling. I felt like a misunderstood child most of the time so journaling is what really helped calm my nerves and relax my mind.

Throughout junior high, high school, and university, I always had a planner of some kind to plan out my study schedule. I would write out targets of study, goals, and how I was going to achieve them. Now as an adult who trains BJJ, there are days where I get grotesquely angry at myself for not making it to class or missing a workout. When this happens I turn to my planner and plan out my week. As a visual learner, I need to see my whole calendar on paper. That's right, even in the age of smartphones and clouds, I prefer pen and paper over a screen. Keeping up with journaling allows me to relax and see that progress IS possible, I just have to see a visual of what I can achieve if I organize my days properly.

Since this method has helped me as a child, I've always been interested in getting my own kids into journaling. Looking through journals, I was disappointed (and also not surprised) that there was nothing out there for kids who train BJJ, or in any martial art for that matter. So I got to work!

I'm happy to announce that after five months of planning, My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journal, and My Martial Arts Journal is now available worldwide for all kids who train BJJ or any martial art.

These guided journals will help your kids navigate all the feelings that come with training in the martial arts. If you're reading this, you are probably not part of the small percentage of parents who also train martial arts, am I right? If that’s the case, then your child NEEDS this journal!

What your child can expect from these journals:

  • How to create game plans

  • How to communicate with mat bullies

  • Find their "why" (right reasons vs wrong reasons to train)

  • Dealing with competition loss

  • Prepping for competitions

  • And so much more!

Reasons why your child should journal:

  • Process thoughts and feelings

  • Set the day's tone

  • See their own progress

  • Learn from mistakes

  • Discover and practice affirmations

  • Improve writing skills

  • Develop healthy habits and set a weekly routine

This is a great way for kids to build healthy routines at home, either before or after class. If there is a budding martial artist in your life, they will get the opportunity to enhance their life on AND off the mats!

Get yours here off Amazon:



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