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Why Should Women Train BJJ?

If you google why women should train BJJ, I guarantee Google will come up with 50 results telling you that women should train BJJ for safety. Ladies, I'm here to tell you that you should train BJJ because it's fun!

Yes, it is painstakingly obvious that BJJ will make women more confident if you're alone in an elevator or out at night, but must we always make self defence and safety the sole reason why a woman should take up BJJ?

Unfortunately we live in a world where statistically, women are more prone to danger than men are. Most women who walk into my academy do so because they are concerned for their safety, and rightfully so. I myself used to promote BJJ for the same reason; women need to learn to protect themselves because the world is a dangerous place if you're a female. Over the last year however I had an epiphany. Being away from BJJ for as long as I have (thanks COVID lockdowns), made me realize the number one reason why I train. It's because it's fun!

When in lockdown I didn't yearn for BJJ because I missed learning how to defend myself. I missed the fun! I missed the adrenaline. I missed problem solving and planning an escape route and failing at it. I missed controlling my opponent and slapping on a submission at the last minute. I missed crushing my training partners with a mean knee on belly and watch them struggle. I missed doing shark tanks, and non-stop 6 minute rounds in an hour. I missed teaching my women's class how they can use their bodies to control someone's movements. THAT is what I missed and THIS is why women need BJJ in their life.

For self defence, I will always preach BJJ as the most effective way to train your mind and body on how to be more aware when you are out. Very rarely though is BJJ preached to women as a means to improve their wellness and give them a competitive edge. Violence against women is a real issue, however self defence and safety is not the only reason why a woman should take up the sport. Simply put, do it because it's fun. It will empower you to be better than you were yesterday. It will lead you to make improvements in your daily life one percent at a time. If you're a mom like me, you will find happiness again (motherhood is HARD). You will garner friendships, will be part of a team of people who will have your back (quite literally--if you know you know), and you will love your body for the way it is. Long skinny legs? You'll have an un-passable spider guard. Curvy legs? You'll have a crazy tight triangle. No muscles? No problem. You will learn to use the weigh you have. People keep telling you that 'you're big for a girl', YEAH GIRL YEAH! You are big and beautiful and a complete badass! Love your body for the way it is ladies. It was made for greatness and you will discover that greatness on the mats. Guaranteed. Our slogan at Affinity Academy is "unveil your TRUE potential". Everyone has the potential to train BJJ. You just haven't discovered it yet.



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